Charlotte Helen Bacon

Meet Charlotte

Charlotte was a free spirit who jumped, skipped, and ran to the beat of her own drum. She was boldness, she was mischief, and she was love. Her crazy antics made us laugh daily. Her insight and curiosity always amazed us. We miss her singing loudly with the car radio, hearing her feet always at a run, never at a walk, down the hallway in our home. She was a little girl that loved having her hair in pigtails, “piggies”, as she called them. She fought hard every day against the suggestion of wearing a pair of pants. She loved dogs, especially Lily, our yellow Labrador. She was always on the search for a new stuffed dog to add to her collection. Most of all, Charlotte loved her family, whether it was going out for sushi, roasting marshmallows and sharing spooky stories by the firepit, or cuddling in bed reading her favorite books. She was and continues to be our brightest star in the sky.

Charlotte and her passion for Lily, and her extensive stuffed dog collection will be honored in a soon to be released picture book; Good Dogs, Great Listeners ­ The Story of Charlotte, Lily and the Litter by Renata Bowers with JoAnn and Joel Bacon, pictures by Michael Chesworth. Stay tuned for more.

Orange Dog by Charlotte Bacon

Dalmation by Charlotte Bacon

Charlotte’s favorite song, “Home” by Phil Phillips.