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  1. Stephanie Stupienski 3 years ago

    I am showing an act of kindness by participating with and teaching my class in the acts of kindness bucket project to remember Charlotte Bacon.

  2. Penny Fowkes 3 years ago

    I am showing kindness by helping my dear friend Mary Kay who had a stroke in September 2012, I take her to the grocery store, and we go the the local playhouse and do Improv together. She has helped me so much by getting me back into the world and doing things other than just housework so She too is showing kindness by being my friend and my mentor.

  3. Julie Clevenger 3 years ago

    My students are aware of the project, but they are not allowed to turn in their own acts of kindness. Each day teachers, administrators and staff turn in slips into the bucket of their observations of students doing good deeds. During morning announcements, two slips are drawn and read over the morning announcements.

    Today’s good deeds are:
    Cole found a wallet and turned it in to one of the teachers. The student was very appreciative to have his wallet back.
    Qasim picked up books for a friend who had dropped all of his belongings in the hallway.

  4. Julie Clevenger 3 years ago

    Camry: Carried books for a young man who is on crutches
    Kristen: Providing encouraging words to Hunter in the hallway.

  5. Julia Olchowski 3 years ago

    My friend Nina and I helped each other when we were working on our project. When she had to leave, I stayed and worked on it until it was finished.

  6. Julie Clevenger 3 years ago

    Good deeds for 1-16-14
    James pushed a student in a wheelchair and played football with him on the sidelines. James also acted as an announcer for the plays that the other students were running, so the student in the wheelchair could stay involved.

  7. Julie Clevenger 3 years ago

    Good deed for 1-17-14:

    James helped a student with the hand sanitizer while getting ready for lunch.

  8. Julie Clevenger 3 years ago

    Julie B. picked up another student’s books when they dropped them on the floor.
    Mackenzie G. helps Nick (student in wheelchair) each morning with his breakfast tray.

  9. Julie Clevenger 3 years ago

    Lane H. volunteers to carry teachers’ trays at lunch each day.

  10. Julie Clevenger 3 years ago

    Sara M. found a ring on the floor and turned it in to her teacher. The owner of the ring was appreciative to get the ring back.

  11. Julie Clevenger 3 years ago

    Owen F. Helped another student in math class.
    Devon G. Carried books for a student on crutches.

  12. Julie Clevenger 3 years ago

    Cortney C: Helped a student clean up a spill that was made on the floor.

  13. Julie Clevenger 3 years ago

    Savannah M: Helped a student in a wheelchair with his breakfast tray.

  14. Julie Clevenger 3 years ago

    Tucker V.: He completed his math classwork with 100% accuracy, and he lead his group to understanding and volunteered to help another group who was struggling with the math problems.

  15. Julie Clevenger 3 years ago

    Lauren M: Shared her brand new crayons with her class.

  16. Julie Clevenger 3 years ago

    Alex M: Helped a student with their tray at breakfast!

  17. Julie Clevenger 3 years ago

    Wilson L.: Wilson pushes all of the chairs under the desk after second period computer class each day. He has done this all semester.

  18. Julie Clevenger 3 years ago

    Demetrius L.: Demetrius always greets others with a smile.

  19. Julie Clevenger 3 years ago

    Jaden J.: Jaden’s neighbor heard of how our school was participating in the Charlotte Bacon’s Acts of Kindness project, and she wrote this letter and sent it to the school.

    To Whom It May Concern:

    This letter is being sent to you to advise you of the recent acts of good deeds and kindness by one of your students, Jaden J.

    Jaden and his family are our next door neighbors. After both of the recent storms resulting in large amounts of snow, Jaden shoveled the snow from our sidewalk and steps without our asking, for no pay, and in a very cheerful manner. He also assisted my husband from the car to the front door after the first storm. He had just driven from Birmingham in the heavy traffic. My husband is still recovering from heart bypass surgery that he had last November.

  20. Julie Clevenger 3 years ago

    Patrick J.: Each day, Patrick volunteers to take Nick and Ethan’s trays in the lunchroom. Both Nick and Ethan are in wheelchairs. Patrick never asks for anything in return, and nobody asked him to start doing this.

  21. Julie Clevenger 3 years ago

    Brodie F. gave a very nice compliment to a classmate.

  22. Keih J Spencer 3 years ago

    Julie your school is overflowing with Kindness.

  23. During our Random Acts of Kindness campaign we collected over 700 hearts foro ur Tree of Kindness that were written up for every act of kindness someone saw another person doing. Our tree is flourishing with hearts on its branches and numerous flowers popping out of the snow covered ground.

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