Q: What is Newtown Kindness?

A: Newtown Kindness is a non-profit organization founded after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School to encourage children all over the world to engage in acts of kindness.

Q: How did Newtown Kindness begin?

A: In the wake of the tragedy, so much amazing goodwill was directed to our community.  This goodwill inspired us to get involved and support the kindness movement.  We thought we were just hosting a small kindness award contest for the kids, but it has grown into so much more.

Q: Who founded Newtown Kindness?

A: Newtown Kindness was founded by Aaron and Christi Carlson, Newtown residents, whose six year old daughter was a friend of Charlotte Bacon, a victim of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  They founded Newtown Kindness in honor of Charlotte and as a way to help their daughter and other members of the Newtown community focus on a positive and healing activity.

Q: Are the 26 families involved with Newtown Kindness?

A: The Bacon family is deeply rooted in the Newtown Kindness mission and initiatives.  The Bacons have developed friendships with many of the other 25 families. Many of the affected families have chosen to create or participate in other charities as well, and Newtown Kindness does partner and affiliate with them when appropriate.

Q: How does Newtown Kindness spend the contributions?

A:  Newtown Kindness is an organization based on volunteerism and 95% of contributions are used to support our programs, encouraging acts of kindness, and education.  The remainder of funds are for administrative activities such as website expenses and regulatory and registration requirements.

Q: Why is Newtown Kindness unique?

A: Newtown Kindness is a compassionate charitable organization with the vision of connecting with others throughout the world.  We are not a Newtown-only healing or support program.  We are not a memorial or recovery project. We are not a political advocacy group.  We are also not a fundraising effort to support those who have suffered in this tragedy. We are a goodwill-raising organization that exists to support everyone.

Q: How can I help?

A: ENCOURAGE KINDNESS AND PARTICIPATION IN OUR PROGRAMS!  Or you can volunteer: volunteers@newtownkindness.org or you can donate: donate@newtownkindness.org.